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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

The Digital Economy Is Accelerating Its Pace In South East Asia To Consolidate Its Blockchain Platform

Digital Economy

The new arrival technology Blockchain-as-a-service (BAAS) platform for enterprises that helps build dynamic services and applications on the blockchain network announces its collaboration with SIX Network. While combining the variety of expertise in the content, payment in the blockchain space,  Bezant, and SIX Network assure to release creativity in order to consolidate global content creators through the use of the Bezant’s blockchain platform.

The company’s blockchain is operated and organized on a private blockchain network with the short and few verifications require to be in place. With this, it is able to assist the global payments fast, cost-effective and transparent that allows individuals from around the world to buy digital content with the ease of use. Besides this, the traders can integrate Bezant’ services with their brands constantly to create a variety of revenue channels for their respective goods and contents like movies, apps, games, etc.

The start-up company SIX was originated from Korea’s and Thailand’s one of the largest digital media startup groups. The main aim for this alliance is to create a fair, secure, transparent and efficient ecosystem for all those stakeholders involved in the creative and digital economies. Currently, the company has 10 million and above active users in creative platform across the nations like South Korea, Indonesia, and Thailand.

The company’s goals are more in line with Bezant as both the companies seek to consolidate themselves to create a more secure and efficient ecosystem for all stakeholders in the digital and creative economies. The SIX Network team is constituted by a former executive of OOKBEE U which is considered to be Thailand’s largest user-generated content platform for comics and novels online, as well as Yello Digital Marketing which is considered to be the digital marketing and advertising arm of Yello Mobile based in South Korea.

According to Charkid Thanhachartyothin, Co-founder, and Head of Blockchain of SIX Network, the mutual recognition by Bezant and SIX Network for inherent issues that will affect the creative digital economy. This is why the consolidated relationships of both the companies assist the digital and creative industries for more liquidity.

Bezant basically offers blockchain based services for enterprises to create dynamic services and applications on the top of the Bezant Blockchain network that enables enterprises to streamline their services with the integration of blockchain technology and execute their own token sales. The company focuses on games, mobile apps, e-commerce usually in emerging markets. With this, the company also facilitates immediate and decentralized payment solutions in order for the global consumers to access goods and services through the use of its wallet and Token called BZNT.

According to Oh Thongsrinoon, Chief Marketing Officer of Bezant, they are more inclined economic and social change by enhancing the production and consumption of digital content outside the walled gardens of global tech companies. With the strategic collaboration in place with SIX Network in Southeast Asia, Bezant has acquired to shift the dynamics and empower and consolidate creators in emerging markets. This will definitely a competitive advantage acquired by both the companies in a marketplace going forward.

In the months of March and May this year, both Bezant and SIX Network raised US$60 Million collectively the token sales successfully.

Let us not forget that the mergers and acquisitions are those strategic practices that always create and add values either through reducing costs or enhancing revenues. We can expect the same from Bezant and SIX Network’s partnership that adds value!!

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