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Sunday, July 14, 2024

IOTA Has Been Added To Zeux Payment


In recent years Zeux crypto – payments company has confirmed that it will work together to identify crypto – payment tokens in retail stores, with IOTA (MIOTA). The services with the stores accepting Samsung Pay and Apple Pay will be available according to the reports.

Zeux will open hundreds of businesses in Europe in April this year, as well as in the US in 2020, from coffee shops to grocery stores, an FCA licensed financial service company. By integrating all these services in one place, the app company provides easier ways of payment, bank, and investment.

Zeux is the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) authorized financial services company and will launch its application in Europe in April, followed by the United States in 2020. ZeuxCoin Token (ZUC), which holds the cashback ticket to all crypto shopping, has also been introduced by the firm and all of the commissions paid by financial products providers have a payment fee token. Zeux launches in April, where it becomes available in Europe, the multi-function application.

IOTA’s founder, David Sønstebø, believes that IOTA adoption will be much higher than the coin’s level in collaboration with Zeux. The company plans to start its services in the USA in the near future. According to the advertising, payments can be received by Zeux from a large number of shops from food stores to coffee shops.
Approximately a week ago, Qtum was added to its arsenal of financial instruments by the banking app. Once the app starts, it will also be possible for its users to pay or invest for goods with this coin.

Zeux CEO Frank Zhou is very excited to help bridge the crypto industry with the world of traditional business and fiat. He believes that Tangle, the independent blockchain protocol used to develop Dapps by IOTA, is an excellent basis for Zeux’s future development. Partnerships like this are also expected to contribute to the entire crypto industry. The industry currently lacks acceptance because not many people use cryptos. Things can slowly start to change with services such as this when people notice how helpful transactions can be with cryptos.

The market share price of IOTA is on the rise. IOTA (MIOTA) is 14th with an average trading volume of $ 885,429,923 with a strong bull – shaking outlook for the short term. Prices peaked at USD 0.323, but dropped later on, because some investors likely received their income after an extremely good day. The IOTA network was $ 887 million at the time of this report.

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