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Friday, June 14, 2024

Nebula Genomics has Launched Blockchain-based DNA sequencing system

Nebula Genomics

Nebula Genomics, a tech startup, has introduced DNA sequencing using blockchain, by eliminating the need for clients to uncover personal data. Nebula Genomics is the first organization to offer unidentified genetic testing. It has launched this venture recently. Moreover, this component enables Nebula clients to buy entire genome sequencing and present their samples without uncovering any personal data.

Besides, to accomplish this, Nebula had created and executed a blockchain-based product that empowers transparent and controllable information sharing and offers an alternative to send anonymous payments using cryptocurrencies. For those clients who do not utilize cryptocurrencies, the organization recommends utilizing a prepaid Visa to secure their privacy.

Moreover, Nebula Genomics has officially executed a blockchain-based access control layer that empowers controllable data sharing and is currently creating methodologies for secure data analysis. Besides, Nebula Genomics is utilizing blockchain technology to maintain security. Likewise, it enables people to take responsibility for their genome sequencing, making this is an achievement in the healthcare sector.

The Chief Scientific Officer at Nebula Genomics, Dennis Grishin, during the launch said,

“Today, we have presented our vision for privacy-focused personal genomics, and with our launch of anonymous genetic testing, we are taking a step towards turning this vision into reality.”

Over and above, this blockchain-based DNA sequencing framework will remove the reliance on information de-identification proof required by personal genomics organizations before offering to share the information to researchers.

In a recent blog post, it revealed that people would have option to test for hereditary qualities without uncovering personal data, like their names, credit card number, or address. To meet this security goal, the project permits for anonymous sample collection and payments utilizing digital currencies, like, Bitcoin. Moreover, digital currencies depend on blockchain addresses, which do not give any links to the individual. Though, with recent crypto events and conferences around the world, influencers from crypto world are making difference with new technology and partnerships between other companies.

Besides, People can pay; signup and browse anonymously, and simultaneously, promote anonymous shipping. For an anonymous sample collection, the organization distributes saliva collection kits to USPS PO boxes. Additionally, it recommends that people do not utilize an email address that may uncover any personal data.

In June, Nebula associated with EMD Serono, the North American biopharmaceutical business of Merck KGaA, the world’s oldest functioning pharmaceutical organization. In its association with EMD Serono, Nebula gives the firm access to its system of de-identified genomic information to help the new medical research and development.

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