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Friday, June 14, 2024

KIBIS to Introduce Self-Service Kiosks to Help People Pay Bills, Purchase Things

KIBIS to Introduce Self-Service

A blockchain-based organization KIBIS has uncovered plans to launch a worldwide system of self-service kiosks. It will empower a large number of unbanked individuals around the globe to pay charges, buy and get to other money-related services.

Plenty of services are accessible with its kiosks, says KIBIS. Shoppers can pay for gas, water, and power, book air tickets and check details of the flight, get TV subscriptions, for example, Netflix, Amazon Prime and they can purchase prepaid vouchers for themselves or friends and family. The payment mode acknowledged by the self-service kiosks will be in cash and crypto form in nations allowing cryptocurrencies. In due course of time, other payment alternatives will also be made available.

The blockchain platform has been supported by many mobile transporters, empowering the public to top up their cell phones. They can also donate for charitable purposes directly from the kiosks. In an offer to help fuel the standard adoption of crypto coins, customers would also have the capacity to put resources into gift vouchers for crypto trades.

A high-throughput blockchain system will be utilized to process exchanges, with an e-wallet payment organize set to follow later on. A side chain that interfaces with the Ethereum mainnet will be made to guarantee KIBIS can keep running at a reasonable note.

Around the end of the next year 2019, KIBIS plans to start installing kiosks in Oman and begin development of the e-wallets for the buyers to utilize, which will flaunt more than 2,000 services. The kiosks are expected to be launched in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait soon afterward.

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